Former World’s Fattest Man Has Lost +300Kg, Able To Walk Again

The 35-year-old from Mexico spent nearly a decade in bed after his weight ballooned following a life-changing car accident when he was a teenager and a bout of pneumonia.


Juan Pedro Franco, 35, has transformed his life and now weighs under 41 stone, having previously been close to death weighing a massive 93 stone.

Prior to his dramatic weight loss, Juan was bedridden and couldn’t do even basic tasks for himself. Now though, he is walking with the aid of a stick and can even sit down by himself.

After seeing a doctor and undergoing a number of surgeries, Juan was able to lose 60% of his body weight – something that has enabled him to regulate his diabetes, high blood pressure and lung damage that previously affected his life so much.

He had three bariatric surgeries to help shift the excess weight he was carrying, and his surgeon, Jose Antonio Castaneda, has been credited with playing a key part in saving Juan’s life.

Juan Pedro Franco
He was named the world’s fattest man by Guinness World Records in 2017, but rather than take the title as an insult or a mockery, Juan used it as an opportunity to turn his life around.

Juan told Telemundo show Al Rojo Vivo how much his life has changed since losing the weight (translated into English):

Just raising your arms, getting up every day, standing by a glass of water, going to the bathroom, stopping to bathe and that they are no longer towel baths. Water is life, everything is life. It feels very good. Fantastic that one can move more and be self-sufficient.

He no longer requires oxygen to get through the day and this week, on Wednesday, November 27, he was finally able to take a bath in his shower for the first time in nine years.

Juan Pedro Franco
Now he will undergo surgery to remove his fat skin (weighing around 200lbs).

This will see him drop a significant amount of weight and will make an even bigger difference in his quality of life.

Keep up the good work, Juan.


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