Woman Sends Resignation Letter To Boss To Print Out

Beth claims she agreed to write her boyfriend’s letter of resignation for him after his long working hours meant he wouldn’t get a few moments to type one out last month.

Woman Sent Resignation Letter For Print Out to Boss
Beth only realised her hilarious mishap when her boss replied asking her: ‘What kind of sick power-play is this…?’

Well, arguably, it was even funnier when writer Beth Ashley gave her boss the shock of his life by asking him to print off her boyfriend’s letter, forgetting it was titled ‘letter of resignation’.

But after tapping it up, the 22-year-old copywriter sent the document to her unsuspecting manager Andrew Clarke, asking for it to be printed out.

‘My boyfriend is changing jobs and his job is high hours, so he asked me if I would have time to write a letter because he literally wouldn’t have any time,’ Beth explained. ‘I just typed one up for him but my tech is broken in the office so I had to ask Andy to print it off for me.’

She continued:

I didn’t give him any context and just sent him a document that said ‘resignation letter’ and asked him to print it off. He was half-joking.

He knows my boyfriend very well so I think he had put two and two together that it was going to be my boyfriend’s letter, but instead he decided to rinse me in his reply.

He was sat directly opposite me but he didn’t take his headphones off and talk to me, he just responded. I just howled laughing so loudly.

Other people in the office were asking what we were laughing at and he just printed it.

I don’t think there was any point where he was like…’oh my god, she’s leaving and she’s actually asking me to print this letter off and hand it to me.’

He just decided to act like I was being a b*tch. We have a good relationship.

Woman text her boss to print out resignation letter by accident
Beth has even had tonnes of messages from concerned followers who are worried she might’ve lost her job as a result of the mishap.

‘It’s all fine now. I still work there. No one has fired me,’ she confirmed.

Beth said:

[My boss] was told he went viral by his little brother [as he isn’t very active on social media]. When he went viral I was hoping he wouldn’t find out.

He told me he got this phone call when I came into the office, and I asked if he was annoyed at me and wanted me to put my Twitter on private. He just found it funny.

He’s not mean or anything, but I think he’s finding it funny how funny everyone else is finding it.

To us, it was sort of like five minutes of laughing and now it’s over, but the internet is finding it funny for well over a week.

We got over it fairly quickly but people are giving it permanency with plenty of retweets.

The tweet went so viral Beth even jokingly offered to help write resignation letters for others for just £15.

She continued:

To be honest I was just quite skint and thought it would be funny to offer to write resignation letters. I have had people ask though.

Most people genuinely can’t write them, so even if they’re not looking for a sassy reproach, they were asking, ‘will you do it?’

I haven’t taken any letter-writing gigs up, genuinely, but I have written a few people’s CVs.

To be fair, I’d have major respect for anyone who had the balls to send their resignation letter to their boss to print off.


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