Wine With Korra ep. 2: About South Africa-Nigeria Turmoil

Wine With Korra ep. 2 is up!


A few weeks ago, Korra Obidi posted her second Podcast about the issues hitting South Africa effecting her people.

In the past, South Africa has helped fellow Africans. Now they are turning on their black brothers and sister, and Korra Obidi speaks out:

“In the past weeks, South Africa has been in complete disarray concerning foreigners in the country, this has resulted in xenophobic acts perpetuated towards Africans who are not native to South Africa. Tons of businesses have been burned to the ground, people have been killed and the situation only worsens.”

In this podcast, I dissect the issue with my friend Nkateko ‘Takkies’ Maswanganye is a well-known and respected South African choreographer and dancer who has been honing her craft from a young age, beginning formal study at age 9. We dissect the issue going on in her home and try to prefer solutions we think will make a change,


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