Will Princess Charlotte Use Her Royal Title at School? Here’s What She’ll Be Called by Teachers

Princess Charlotte will follow in big brother Prince George's footsteps on Thursday, joining him at the $23,000-a-year Thomas's Battersea

Princess Charlotte

There will be no “Your Royal Highness” in the classroom for Princess Charlotte!

The 4-year-old royal will follow in big brother Prince George‘s footsteps on Thursday, joining him at the $23,000-a-year Thomas’s Battersea — and just like the future king, she won’t be getting the royal treatment during the school day.

When it comes to the matter of her last name, things are a little trickier. But if she follows her brother George’s lead, she’ll be known as Charlotte Cambridge.

To her classmates, Princess Charlotte will be just another kid. Instead of addressing Kate Middleton and Prince William‘s daughter by her royal title, she’ll simply be known as Charlotte. (Perhaps close friends will call her Lottie, the adorable nickname previously revealed by Kate!)

Prince William and Prince Harry went by William Wales and Harry Wales during their own school days, as well as their years in the armed forces. Why? Because their father, Prince Charles, is the Prince of Wales. It’s an homage to their father’s title, for occasions when “Prince” just feels a bit too formal.


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