Wanted Man With ‘Crime Pays’ Tattooed On Forehead

The pursuit ended when the driver crashed into a tree, but then fled on foot.

Donald Murray
Donald Murray

Donald Murray, 38, is believed to be the driver involved in a chase that started when he was caught with no lights on his vehicle in Terre Haute, Indiana.

There was a passenger in the car but when he was quizzed by police, he said he didn’t know the name of the driver.

Cops were tipped off about the driver’s identity after a viewer watched the dramatic scenes on Live PD.

Now Murray faces charges of criminal recklessness and resisting law enforcement charges.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out what Murray’s facial tatt means, it speaks for itself.

Shigeharu Shirai

This guy had spent 14 years on the run as authorities wanted to arrest him over his alleged involvement in shooting a gang rival in 2003.

Shigeharu Shirai
Shigeharu Shirai

Unfortunately for him, his elaborate body ink was spotted by a local Thai person, who was unaware of his identity.

They then posted photographs of Shirai online which ended up being shared more than 10,000 times.

One such inking is the samurai on his back – which is fairly common among gang members. According to Ranker, they represent the code of Bushido, aka the samurai code of honour, courage, loyalty and proper action.

Right on Shirai’s right nipple you can see a yellow flower, which could be a peony, a lotus or a chrysanthemum. While it might seem boring to split hairs over what breed of flower it is, they mean very different things.

Shigeharu Shirai
Shigeharu Shirai

A peony, in Irezumi symbolism, represents wealth, elegance and prosperity. In addition to that, it can relate to masculinity and a daredevil attitude.

A lotus is heavily associated with Buddhist culture and tells the story of something struggling to reach its full potential. A chrysanthemum is a symbol of the Imperial family and links to ideals of longevity and joy.

The final tattoo is the water on his lower back. That’s supposed to illustrate change, adaptation and life – which is presumably what the crime boss was hoping for when he became a fugitive.

But clearly his past caught up with him.


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