UNBELIEVABLE Homeless Singer Gets Huge Recording Contract

The scene has since been shared far and wide as Emily’s voice astounded social media users, with many people calling for her to be made a professional opera singer.


Footage of Emily Zamourka showing off her incredible talent was shared online last week by an LAPD officer, who filmed her singing Puccini’s O mio babbino caro in a Los Angeles subway.

One of those impressed viewers was Diamond, who has produced 36 Gold and Platinum recordings and had over 54 recordings on the Billboard Charts. But rather than simply retweet the video of Emily, the music producer offered her a real chance at stardom.

Diamond has drawn up an offer letter for the subway singer with the hope of creating a ‘huge classical/EDM crossover hit record for the subway soprano.’ The deal would be for one initial record titled Paradise, which would be released on the producer’s label, Silver Blue Records.

At the time of writing (October 2) it’s unclear whether Emily has accepted the offer. Joel’s proposal is just one of the exciting new doors opening for Emily since the release of the video as she’s also reportedly scored a gig on Saturday night, singing at an Italian heritage event in LA.

The Los Angeles Times report the Russian-born singer learned to sing by imitating opera performers on TV as a child. She explained her homelessness comes after years of financial difficulties and serious health problems, meaning she now sleeps where she can while living on $400 a month in government aid.

As the footage of Emily spread online, some people found it hard to believe it was real, with a few convinced she was actually a trained actor planted on the platform to maximize social media attention.

Emily Zamourka, the unbelievable homeless singer
Emily Zamourka, the unbelievable homeless singer

Branimir Kvartuc, a spokesperson for Councilman Joe Buscaino who tried locating the singer after the video went viral, said those responses are indicative of the association of homelessness with drug addiction or mental illness, the LA Times report.

He commented:

Way too many people have categorised the homeless as a certain kind of class. That’s not the case. The majority of people are just people.

As well as singing, Emily played the violin for members of the public until someone took the instrument and broke it. Since going viral, a GoFundMe page has been set up to help the 52-year-old with her financial difficulties, as well as to allow her to replace her violin.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ people reached out to buy Emily a new violin directly, but she declined. The LAPD is said to have put her in touch with its Homeless Outreach Team.

It will be incredible to see where Emily’s talents take her in future!


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