Tracee Ellis Ross’s Hair Products

I've been natural for a little over three years now and I have one golden rule: don't mess with what works.

Tracee Ellis Ross
Tracee Ellis Ross

when Tracee Ellis Ross comes out with a haircare line catering to my specific hair type, I have to take a step away from my tried-and-true favorites to give it a shot.

Described as a haircare brand with curly, coily, and tight textures in mind, everything from the packaging to the marketing campaign let me know that I was going to like Pattern. There are Afros and curls everywhere, and to spot products that are specifically targeted for the kinkier blessed crowns like my own is still a rare sight. Even with the recent abundance in natural hair care, it’s easy for brands to neglect those with tighter, Type 4 textures. But Tracee doesn’t play those games!

My curls were definitely sprung and defined, and I’m sure if I had the urge, they would have bounced like playful springs. They weren’t as juicy as the curls I usually sport (which is probably due to using a lighter conditioner than my curls call for), but I definitely wasn’t mad at them. Despite using all the products in the line, my hair felt remarkably lighter, while still living its best life — which is all I could ever ask of it. I will definitely be using more of Pattern in the future (and especially once I get my hands on that Intensive conditioner).


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