The One And Only: Ron Burgundy Podcast!

The Anchorman is making himself noticeable, as usual.

Ron Burgundy, starring Will Ferrell
Ron Burgundy, starring Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell reprises his role as Ron Burgundy in his brand new Ron Burgundy Podcast!

Each episode has a different theme in which Ron engages in conversation with another notable person on the topic at hand. In true Ron Burgundy fashion, these conversations have a tendency to go off the rails, and we find out things about people we never knew we wanted to know.

In season 2, Ron considers a run for President, continues to perform music, and blacks out at work.

Here is a clip from Season 2: 

In Season 1, Ron addressed important issues like bullying and the mind-expanding nature of meditation, and attempted to ultimately answer the question “seriously, what is a podcast?”

Here is a clip from Season 1:

More to come!


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