The Mandalorian Chapter 4: Baby Yoda Shines In

With the intent to lay low for a while, the titular Mandalorian and his adopted 50-year-old baby son head to a low-key swampy planet at the beginning of The Mandalorian Chapter 4, hoping to get some rest after an intense battle against a slew of bounty hunters.


Everything seems nice for a moment as the Mandalorian and little Baby Yoda take a stroll through a forest.

At least, until the Mandalorian meets Cara Dune, played by Gina Carano, and then he finds out that even this peaceful-seeming planet has pretty harrowing problems.

A village in need

The episode opens with a scene showing the small village that the entire episode revolves around.

They go about their business collecting bright blue space shrimp from their ponds, when all of a sudden a group of orc-like raiders attack.

With no means to defend themselves, the villagers run and hide to survive.

Baby Yoda
When the Mandalorian and his baby arrive, the villagers ask for help, and only at the prospect of this village being an ideal place to lay low does the Mandalorian agree.

For back up, he gets Cara Dune to join him.


While performing some reconnaissance, Mando and Cara discover that the raiders, somehow, have access to an AT-ST, the iconic Imperial Walker that’s notoriously difficult to take down without some serious firepower or ingenuity.

Mando and Cara implore the villagers to move away, but they have roots stretching back generations and they won’t go without a fight. So, Mando and Cara start training them with spears and blasters for one last battle.

The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda
The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda

The big battle

Roughly the entire second half of the episode is an action-packed battle sequence.

The plan is to get the AT-ST to fall in one of the village’s ponds while the village holds off the raiders on foot.

It’s an emotional and intense sequence.

When it’s all over, the little village manages to squeak out a victory, and it seems to be that they wiped out the entire raiding party in the process.

On the run

After the action cools down and the Mandalorian sees how happy Baby Yoda is in the village, he decides that he’ll leave the baby there to be raised in peace, far away from all the troubles of the galaxy that put a bounty on his head.

But unfortunately, nowhere is safe. Baby Yoda is being tracked and a bounty hunter nearly took him out if it wasn’t for Cara Dune, and the Mandalorian knows that he’ll never be able to settle down somewhere with this little guy. That is the way.


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