Texas Teen Shot And Killed For Defending Classmate

A 16-year-old boy who was shot and killed at his apartment complex had defended a fellow student from a school bully just days before, police have said.


Police say the 15-year-old suspect, who is still in middle school, confronted Samuel in the hallway of the apartments just days after the 16-year-old stopped him from assaulting another student.

Security cameras captured the 15-year-old allegedly pulling out a .40 caliber gun and shooting Reynolds, who was rushed to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

The juvenile suspect, whose name has not been released to the public because of his age, was arrested shortly after police watched the video.

Police officials have said they will prosecute whoever made it possible for the 15-year-old to have access to the gun, with Arlington Police Officer Christopher Cook saying something needs to be done to prevent such incidents in the future.

Cook told CBS DFW:

That’s something we want an answer for. We are sick and tired of children in our community coming in contact with firearms and possessing them and using them.

Police say the suspect and the victim knew each other, with things coming to a head after Reynolds decided to intervene when he saw the 15-year-old saw picking on another student. It’s this courage that cost him his life, police have said.

Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson expressed his frustration regarding the killing on social media, saying:

This senseless act of gun violence has no place in society and our hometown community. This was an emotionally tough case for responding officers, investigators and medics.

We will direct our attention to how a young teen suspect accessed a firearm used in the offense.

Grief counsellors were at Arlington High School all day on Friday, February 7, to offer assistance to students, teachers and staff.

The investigation continues, with Arlington Police asking anyone with information to contact them on 817-459-5691. For those wanting to remain anonymous, you can call the Tarrant County Crime Stoppers line at 817-469-TIPS.

Our thoughts are with Samuel’s loved ones at this difficult time. Rest in peace, Samuel.


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