Tana Mongeau Will Be a Featured Creator at VidCon London


Tana Mongeau
Tana Mongeau

“Wait, so yeah!!!! VidCon London. I found out I could actually attend less than 12 hours ago and am definitely in shock,” Tana, 21, began. “Something I never thought I’d be able to do in America, let alone London. Thank you guys for another mind-blowing opportunity like this and welcoming my growth.” 

The MTV reality star continued, “I can’t wait to hug all of you in London and celebrate some really special stuff with you. Thank you, VidCon, for not only welcoming me back once, but twice.” In April 2018, Tana posted a video on YouTube titled, “Why I Won’t Be Attending VidCon 2018: A RantOpens in a new Window..” Basically, it caused quite a stir in the influencer community and ultimately, led the Las Vegas native to plan her own convention, TanaCon. 

Tana Mongeau
Tana Mongeau

A year later, in May 2019, Tana and VidCon seemingly buried the hatchet and she was finally named a Featured Creator. “VidCon knew how important it was for me to attend as a Featured Creator, and I am so glad that this year we were able to work together to make something happen,” she expressed at the time. 

“My number one priority has always been my fans and as a Featured Creator, I’m excited to have the opportunity to meet with them on-site, thank them for all of their support and discuss my many new projects — including my new reality show — and doing it in a safe and comfortable environment, both for them and myself,” she concluded. 

We’re thrilled that Tana now gets to embark on this journey with her fans in the U.K. and unsurprisingly, they are, too. “So proud of you! See you next month,” one user commented. “I literally love you so much! I’m so excited,” added another.


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