In Switzerland, You Get A Psychological Treatment If You Fail Your Driving Test Four Times

It could be failing to halt at a stop sign, continually forgetting to check your mirrors, driving over a mini-roundabout – all for no rhyme or reason other than you’re bloody nervous.

Driving Test Failed Four Times In Switzerland Leads You To Psychological Treatment
If you fail again, the process repeats. This is Dante’s Inferno for some learners – an eternity of minors and majors, stupid mistakes that come and go in the blink of an eye (not to mention the great expense, as driving tests cost around £62).

Whether it’s yourself or a mate, everyone knows someone who’s struggled with the perennial battle of the driving test. No matter how well you control the vehicle during lessons, the testing environment simply plays with people’s heads.

In the UK, if you fail your test, you simply re-book. You might go for another couple of lessons with your instructor (who you’ll likely resent to within an inch of their life) before you have another go.

Switzerland, it seems, treats its learner drivers a bit differently. With every failure, there’s an extra condition – just to ensure you are actually fit to take the practical test.

According to the Swiss Authorities, if you fail once, you can generally resit after a month. If you fail a second time, you’re required to provide a certificate from a recognised driving instructor stating that you have completed your training.

Let’s say you fail a third time: you’ll have to undergo a driving aptitude test before you’re permitted to take a further test. What’s worse is if you fail that test too, your provisional licence will no longer be valid.

Fail Four Times Your Driving Test In Switzerland And It Will Lead You To A Psychological Test
Finally, if you still can’t crack it on your fourth time, you may only take another test if you are given a positive psychological assessment on your ability to drive.

If you’ve ever come across someone who’s failed their driving test four times, this won’t seem like a terrible idea. By that point, learners are understandably worn down and feeling defeated after the constant brunt of failure.

It’s also worth remembering that losing your provisional doesn’t have the same ramifications in Switzerland as it does in the UK, where you simply fill out an online application.

In Switzerland, you must complete ten hours of first aid instruction along with your theory test before you’re granted a provisional licence.

If you’re one of those unfortunate souls battling driving tests again and again, keep the faith. It’ll be okay in the end.


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