This Sloth From The Goonies’ Mask Is Not Sloth, Trust Me

Get yourself a Baby Ruth and a Superman vest and you’ll have the makings of a right cheeky costume.

Sloth From The Goonies Halloween Mask
Sloth From The Goonies Halloween Mask

That is, if you’re wearing this horrific mask from Amazon – supposedly resembling Sloth from the classic 1985 movie The Goonies.

While Sloth’s disfigured appearance came from being dropped on his head as a baby, this fancy dress accessory is, unequivocally, a big bum with eyes and lips.

Advertised as ‘YYF Latex Mask Rubber Creepy Ugly Hip Head the Goonies Sloth Mask Halloween Party Costume Decorations’, for just £20.89 you can purchase this fine head-wear. 

The bizarre mask caught the attention of comedian Ted Travelstead, who wrote on Twitter: 

One user replied to the tweet suggesting it’s a business tactic, writing: ‘When your ass masks aren’t selling well so you change them up a little to appeal to a different market.’

Another person posited: ‘Somebody clearly had some sort of production issue with a sex toy and tried to find a way to salvage the lot.’

Sloth From The Goonies Halloween Mask
Sloth From The Goonies Halloween Mask

Others are dabbling in the dark side of Amazon masks, including one ‘conch shell’.

Most people are hilariously freaked out by the mask, with one user writing: ‘This is disturbing on at least two levels.’

Another person wrote: ‘I am disturbed most that it is made from ‘natural emulsion’.’

Amazon is a dark place when it comes to odd Halloween get-ups. If you’re a bit of a dickhead, there’s the perfect mask for you here.

Fortunately, if you and your squad want to dress up as The Goonies, there’s options available.

If you head over to there’s a full selection of costumes available, from Chunk, to Data, to Mikey. If The Goonies isn’t what you’re after, they have a ginormous amount of other characters and wacky things on offer.

That, and you can get yourself a Sloth mask that isn’t just a mouthy arse.


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