The Batman’s Suit Photos Leaked, NOT The Final Suit

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Robert Pattinson
Some may be sceptical of him taking on one of comicbook’s most famous characters – but if anything, he’s the perfect man for the job.

Imagine I’m sounding a klaxon right now because I have some news that you need to know, ASAP.

Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit has been leaked online for the first time, giving us a glimpse into what the actor’s version of Batman might look like… and everyone’s saying it’s shit.

Yep, sorry to disappoint you but so far it’s not looking good for the superhero or his costume – at least according to everybody on Twitter.

The Batman's suit
A man dressed as Batman during filming at the Glasgow Necropolis cemetery for a new movie for the surperhero franchise. (Photo by Andrew Milligan/PA Images via Getty Images)

An image that’s been doing the rounds on social media shows what we believe to be the actor’s stunt double in an all-new Batsuit, with a sharp new bat logo across his chest.

The photo, which clearly isn’t of Pattinson himself, shows the stunt double sitting on Batman’s motorbike – AKA the Batcycle – in what looks like a graveyard of some sorts.

The Batman's suit
The Batman’s suit

Clearly taken behind the scenes of The Batman, which is expected to hit cinemas in summer 2021, the photo has sparked controversy across Twitter, with many branding the suit ‘ugly’ and ‘cheesy’.

Now, before you get too panicked and think the upcoming film is going to be terrible, it’s important to note that this isn’t believed to be the final Batsuit.

Because the picture is of the stunt double, many have took to Twitter to explain that the ‘stunt suits usually look bad and are not an accurate representation of the final suit’.

One person wrote: ‘ATTENTION EVERYONE! Before you FREAK OUT! This is a stunt double suit! Pattinson’s suit won’t look like this to the TEE!’

Another person attempted to reassure everybody, sharing a picture of Ben Affleck’s stunt double wearing an equally unimpressive Batsuit prior to the actor wearing his more-than-impressive one.

Grey, black and blue?

The leak comes just one week after we got our first look at Pattinson as The Batman, with a tiny tease giving us a glimpse at his Batsuit.

What we could take from that glimpse was as follows: he will be wearing a leather cowl (that isn’t a far cry in design from Adam West’s 1960s suit), and his suit will most probably be a combination of grey, black and blue.

Whatever his outfit, we clearly have a lot to look forward to as the actor’s version of the superhero might just be the toughest yet: he’s preparing for the film with Keanu Reeves’ trainer for the John Wick films.

Basically, the film is looking set to be epic – as long as the stunt double’s suit isn’t the final version.

The Batman hits UK cinemas on June 25, 2021.


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