Ricky Hatton Was Watching An Adult Movie While Self-Isolation Video Message?

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Ricky Hatton
Ricky Hatton

Former boxer Ricky Hatton was caught red handed watching an adult TV channel, as he left it playing while offering his advice to those in self-isolation

Well, I say ‘caught red handed’ – he caught himself really, and I’ve no doubt he knew exactly what he was doing.

Hatton took to Twitter in an attempt to spread a bit of positivity to those in self-isolation, which has fellow Brits as well as people across the world staying inside in a bid to prevent the spread of the virus.

Ricky Hatton was watching a porn while self-isolating
Ricky Hatton was watching a porn while self-isolating

The video started out much like many other isolation-related videos that have appeared on social media recently, with Hatton explaining he has been in isolation for seven days and that, while it is ‘hard work’, we all just have to ‘keep positive’.

Hatton filmed the video in his house and started off by filling the frame with his face, however he soon proceeded to move the camera so it caught sight of the TV in the background, on which a lingerie-clad woman could be seen splayed out across the screen.

As he moved the camera, the former boxer advised:

Keep yourself busy, you know, find things to fill your time with. Keep knuckling down to it and things will come out good.

All the best everyone.


Now, it’s certainly possible Hatton had simply forgotten to turn off the TV before he began filming, but the camera placement seems much too intentional for that to be the case. I’m much more confident in the idea Hatton was trying to bring a bit of humour to the situation, and imply that he was ‘keeping himself busy’ with the help of some adult-friendly viewing.

His intentions were seemingly backed up in his caption, which included the hashtags ‘keep smiling’, ‘keep positive’ and ‘keep safe’.

Hatton’s video was met with delight by his followers, who responded with an abundance of laughing emojis and labelled the boxer a ‘legend’.

Ricky Hatton
Ricky Hatton

One Twitter user commented:

always rely on Ricky give us a laugh so simple but funny

Another responded:

Mid day babestation hahaha reckless rick

There’s no doubt Hatton’s video provided his followers with some much-needed self-isolation entertainment, and I’m sure he’ll have inspired a few people with ideas of how to keep busy in these uncertain times.

Hopefully he will keep the funny videos coming, when he’s not too busy watching TV.


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