You Can Now Play A Board Game With Your Dog (I KNOW!)

Designed by The Present Finder, this paw-fect gift has been described as ‘the only game where the dog can win’.

Dog Board Game
Woof! Hooman

However, if I wasn’t already sorted, I would be sorely tempted by the adorable Woof board game, a game that allows your furry friend(s) to join in with the Boxing Day competitiveness.

And I suddenly feel very sorry for leaving my pets out of heated Articulate games all these years…

According to The Present Finder:

Family board games are always a favourite past time, and this year we think all the family should be playing along… yes, even the dog too!

Answer canny canine questions, win best breed competitions and even ask your dog to do tricks and exercises around the clock, this is a game for all the family, focused around mans best friend.

Play with a minimum of two players and as many dogs as you want, it’s completely up to you. The first player or team to complete the tasks wins – but watch out, if the dog earns more bones than you during the game – the dog takes the crown!

Woof isn’t just great fun it’s also a brilliant educational game to get dogs minds working, kids thinking and adults learning more about their pedigree chums. So, are your [sic] up for the challenge?

The Woof Board Game will usually set you back £24.99, but thanks to a little sprinkling of Black Friday magic, you can currently buy it for just £17.99. Forget Mono-paw-ly, your dog deserves this!


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