Off-Duty Secret Service Agent Shot And Killed Leashed Dog In Brooklyn

Photograph shows the dog was leashed

Belgian Shepard shot down by off-duty agent
Belgian Shepard shot down by off-duty agent

An off-duty Secret Service agent in Brooklyn shot and killed a dog wearing a leash in a Brooklyn neighborhood Monday night, the government agency confirmed.

The Secret Service, in a statement to The Daily Beast, initially described the dog as “unleashed.” But a photographer for The New York Daily News snapped a photo shortly after the incident that showed the slain dog ― reportedly a female Belgian Shepard ― covered by a white sheet with a leash protruding from it.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Secret Service described the dog as “unrestrained and aggressive” but did not use the word “unleashed.”

Off-duty secret service agent shot down to death a belgian sheperd
Off-duty secret service agent shot down to death a belgian sheperd

“As this is an ongoing investigation, the Secret Service will not have further comment,” according to the statement.

Asked to clarify whether the dog was wearing a leash, a Secret Service spokesperson said: “Respectfully, we know that the canine was wearing a leash, but there was no owner present at the time of the incident.”

The shooting took place around 10 p.m. in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Windsor Terrace near Prospect Park, reported the Daily News. The agent, who has not been publicly identified, told police that the dog charged at him, reported The New York Times.

Belgian sheperd's crime scene
Belgian sheperd’s crime scene

“She scared a cop who was walking home,” the dog’s owner said, according to the Daily News. “He shot her and she’s dead.”

Walter Blankenship, the stable master at the Kensington Stable, located across the street from where the incident unfolded, told the Daily News that he witnessed the shooting.

“There was a guy and a girl and another guy. A gunshot went off, just one,” Blankenship said. “The [dog’s owner] was cursing and ranting at the other man, ‘I can’t f―-ing believe you let the gun go off.’”

Too many crimes involve dogs

Killed dog
Killed dog

The New York Police Department directed a request for comment to the Secret Service. As the Times noted, a 2011 report from the Justice Department found that the majority of officer-involved shooting incidents in the U.S. involved animals, most of which were dogs.

“Violence & lying are becoming so disastrously casual,” Democratic New York City Council Member Brad Lander tweeted in response to reports that the Secret Service initially claimed that the dog was unleashed.


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