Netflix Responds To The Irishman Haters

Oh, no you didn't.

The Irishman
The Irishman

This film about some old white folk doing criminal activity puts way too much focus on old white folk doing crime and there was nowhere near enough dabbing for my liking,’ I imagine someone somewhere has tweeted.

These young little whiners, they don’t have the time to sit down and digest anything with a narrative.

In fact I’d be pleasantly surprised if any managed to get to the end of this article without ingesting a Tide Pod. Kids eh.

The Critics Talk

Mark Kermode, pointed out: ‘For all its flash-back/flash-forward tricksiness, The Irishman rarely seems disjointed or thematically fractured.

It conjures a kaleidoscopic illusion of depth that only starts to shatter as the pace flags in the final act.’

Rotten Tomatoes? Yeah it’s sitting nicely over there on a Certified Fresh 96%.

Oh, and by the way, people are watching it from their phones, something Scorsese has warned fans against doing.

So if I, a mere film fan and in no way connected to the Scorsese/Netflix racket, can get so apparently riled up, you’ve got to spare a thought for the poor sod working the Netflix Film social media account.

They picked up on a 2019-ingly whiny tweet saying: ‘Debated watching The Irishman on my phone for this four hour bus ride but I feel like Scorsese will magically appear and beat my ass if I do’. Oh the sass.

They responded accordingly:

Which is a lot more restrained than what I’d manage. Nice one, Netflix.


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