Mother Abused By “Home Care Staff”; Son Shares Pictures

It comes after a horrified son has shared distressing photos of his beaten and bloody elderly mum, claiming she was assaulted in her nursing home.

Mother With Injuries from a Home Care Center
Gomez, who says he’s shocked and distraught over the alleged attack on his mum, says she means ‘everything’ to him.

Benny Gomez has accused staff at Westfield Centre Nursing Facility in Livingston, New Jersey, of causing two facial fractures, a broken nose and multiple bruises on his mum.

He says his mum had previously complained of them abusing her in the past.

Gomez said:

She tells me that the aides were rough with her and that they hit her.

She has double fractures in her face. Her nose is broken She has stitches.

You go to the hospital and to see your mother in this condition is just unexplainable.

The heartbroken son shared the awful images of his mum’s injuries on social media, and they’ve since been shared more than 9,000 times.

She was sent to the Westfield Centre when she fell and broke her hip, making her immobile.

Mom and Son
Fortunately, he has since removed his parent, who had a mild form of dementia, from the care of the home.

However, the care home insists Ms Gomez suffered her injuries after an accidental fall.

In a statement, staff at the home wrote:

While the photos are difficult to see, no resident was struck, hit or abused.

Gomez’ attorney, Marilyn Barbosa, said:

No matter what the cause, no resident of a nursing facility should ever be made to suffer.

Police and the New Jersey Department of Health are investigating the alleged abuse, however no files have been charged at the time of writing.


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