Michael Harris, College Football Player, Caught On Tape While Bodyslams Police Officer

College football player is only 19-years-old


Shocking footage has surfaced showing the moment a college football player bodyslams a police officer to the ground. 

The incident reportedly occurred on Monday, February 10, in Ohio, where 19-year-old Michael Harris was said to be behaving ‘erratically’.

Following his concerning behaviour, a woman phoned local police reporting the teenager – the police then responded by sending officers to the scene.

Michael Harris, college football player in Ohio
Michael Harris, college football player

In the call, according to police documents obtained by TMZ Sports, the woman claimed 19-year-old Harris was being ‘aggressive’ and did not seem to be ‘all there’.

When the two officers arrived and approached Harris, things seemingly took a turn for the worse as Harris began to be violent towards one of the officers.

In the video, Harris appears to approach the policeman, though the officer apparently tells Harris to stay where he is. The officer then seems to try to handcuff Harris by attempting to put the 19-year-old’s hands behind his back, but Harris resists by putting both hands in the air.

Michael Harris, college football player bodyslams the cop that stopped and frisked him
Michael Harris, college football player bodyslams the cop that stopped and frisked him

Harris eventually pushes one of the officers and the cop puts hands on the teenager. He then attempts to get back into his car.

After a brief scuffle, Harris ends up body-slamming the policeman to the ground as a third officer arrives at the scene.

Eventually, all three officers have to restrain the Harris before being able to handcuff him.

Michael Harris caught on tape inside the police vehicle
Michael Harris caught on tape inside the police vehicle

Despite being cuffed, Harris still tries to resist the arrest but is eventually escorted to one of the police cars.

But, rather than taking Harris straight to jail, the police took him to hospital to be checked out. Cops claimed he continued to be aggressive, leading to him sedated by medical personnel.

Pills and digital scale found in the vehicle

According to police, after a search of Harris’ vehicle after the arrest they found pills and a digital scale that is ‘consistent with drug use’, but the officers note in the report Harris stated he was not taking medication or ‘illicit drugs’.

Michael Harris' mugshot
Michael Harris’ mugshot

Following the ordeal, Harris has reportedly been charged with assault as well as three misdemeanour charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and obstructing official business.

Apparently Harris had only just transferred to Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) last month from Auburn University, Alabama.

Speaking of Harris and the university football team, EKU describe him as a ‘four-star recruit’ and a ‘physical player’.


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