Man Wakes Up With Earache, Has Spider Living Inside

And like that, I shan’t be sleeping tonight.

Liam Gomez
Liam Gomez with the earmuffs he now wears to bed every night. Web designer Liam Gomez, 27, woke up one day with blocked ears and a feeling of vertigo - because a spider had CRAWLED INTO HIS EAR! See SWNS story SWTPspider. A web designer has revealed he called in sick to work one day with blocked ears and vertigo - only to discover a spider had crawled inside his ear. Liam Gomez, 27, came home in Folkestone, Kent from work on October 8 to discover a spider nest above his front door. Sweeping it with a broom, the part-time bassist thought nothing of it and fell asleep. The next morning, though, Liam work with blocked ears and vertigo, so called in sick to work and put olive oil drops in his ears.

Liam Gomez awoke feeling quite strange – he could hear a soft scratching inside his head, as well as suffering earache and vertigo.

After phoning in sick at work, he put some olive oil in his ear to to ease the scratching. But the 27-year-old still felt a tickling in his ear, so he stuck a cotton bud in to investigate.

Here comes the icky part: when he pulled it out, he found spiders legs attached to the end of it.

Liam Gomez, the man with the spider that lived inside his ear, now sleeps with earmuffs.
Gomez, from Kent, England, then began the torturous process of removing the arachnid with a bobby pin and cotton bud – bit, by bit.

Gomez explained: 

I put a couple of drops of olive oil in my ears and decided to go back to sleep for a bit – I could feel tickling in my ear, but put it down to the oil. When I woke up a couple hours later, I could still feel the sensation, but also hear a faint scratching sound, so I decided to investigate with a cotton bud.

My initial reaction was just to get the bloody thing out of me as fast as possible – I was obviously revolted as I hate spiders!

Once I’d calmed down a bit I did then think: ‘Well, that’s one for Facebook!’

The self-confessed arachnophobe, who has now vowed to sleep with earmuffs on, had swept away a nest of spiders just the night before.

Spider taken off Liam's ear
Spider taken off Liam’s ear

Gomez added:

I arrived home from work on Tuesday evening to discover a spider’s nest above my front door, with lots of hatchlings.

So I swept them away with a broom, and went to bed. The next morning, I woke with blocked ears and vertigo, so I called in sick to work.

It is just rotten luck that someone with a crippling fear of spiders would suffer such a horrid experience – ‘The irony is – I’m a web designer for a living!’ Gomez added.

Perhaps it was some sort of ‘revenge mission’ after the 27-year-old swept a bunch of them away. There’s just one worry left, though.

Gomez said: 

I didn’t think to check if it was female. I’m hoping it was male, because I’m really hoping it didn’t have to chance to lay eggs!


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