Man Loses 60 Kgs, Asked Out By Woman That Bullied Him

The 26-year-old's self-esteem hit rock bottom when he was cruelly pranked at his prom in textbook fashion, with a girl pretending she wanted to go with him before rejecting him when he rocked up in a limo wearing a brand new suit.

Anthony Bayer
Anthony Bayer

Anthony Bayer, from the Gold Coast, Australia, used to weigh 24st 10lbs (157kg) and struggled to fit into size 42 trousers and 3XL shirts.

His obesity was in large part due to his obsession with fast food, with his daily diet comprising two foot-long meatball subs with a large bottle of coke for breakfast, a burger meal from KFC and a packet of Magnum ice creams for lunch and two large pepperoni pizzas for tea.

But now Mr Bayer has dispelled his fears of never finding love, losing a remarkable 9st 6lbs [60kg] and dropping five clothing sizes. This is even more impressive when you consider he has actually beefed up too, and is now the proud owner of a very buff physique.

Reflecting on his dramatic transformation. Mr Bayer said it took a serious health warning from a doctor for him to turn his life around.

Anthony Bayer
He said: “I didn’t know how to eat properly and didn’t care. I was addicted to fast food.

“I never thought about my health until my doctor said I was about to get diabetes. I broke down in tears and realised I needed to change my life.

Anthony Bayer
“I stopped eating fast food and began cooking for myself. I also stepped foot into a gym for the first time back in 2014 and haven’t looked back.”

Mr Bayer was given the ultimate reward for all his effort when the girl who pranked him at prom asked him out on a date – though you’ll be glad to hear he didn’t accept the offer.

Looking back on his obesity, he said: “I hated myself and never thought anyone could love me. All I wanted was to have a partner and family, so that really motivated me to lose weight.

“I was always rejected and would get laughed at when I approached girls. But now women are asking me on dates all the time. I went from having three matches on Tinder, to now having over 1,000 matches with girls. It’s crazy.

“Then about a year ago, that same girl who was so cruel to me before our school formal, somehow got my number through my Instagram page and sent me a text apologising for being a bully and asked if we could go on a date.

“I couldn’t believe it and didn’t even reply. I’ll forgive, but I would never forget.”

Bravo Mr Bayer, bravo.


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