Man Killed His Dad After Allowance Reduction; Sentenced To 30 Years

Assistant District Attorney, Craig Ortner, said: "The free ride was going to an end. It wasn't a symptom of psychosis, it was a symptom of entitlement."

Thomas Gilbert Jr.
Thomas Gilbert Jr. shot dead his father, Thomas Gilbert Sr., after he reduced his weekly allowance from $1000 to $300

A man in the US who killed his dad dead after he reduced his allowance has been sentenced to 30 years to life in prison.

The defence argued that 35-year-old Gilbert Jr. was not guilty by way of insanity, however, jurors dismissed this defense in June and he was convicted of second-degree murder.

However, Shelley Gilbert – the mother of Thomas Jr. and wife of Thomas Sr. – said the family hoped her son would be ‘given as light a sentence as possible’.

She said: “As I’ve said many times in court, we’ve been trying to get Tommy into a hospital for 15 years.

Thomas Gilbert Jr (LEFT) and Thomas Gilbert Sr. (RIGHT)
Thomas Gilbert Jr (LEFT) and Thomas Gilbert Sr. (RIGHT)

“He’s too sick to be able to judge. He needs to be in a hospital, had he been so my husband would still be alive.”

Following the sentencing, Arnold Levine, Gilbert Jr.’s lawyer defense attorney, said an appeal would be launched, arguing that the killing had nothing to do with the allowance reduction.

He said: “We are definitely going to appeal. We are disappointed in the sentence but not necessarily surprised.

“The testimony from the people who actually knew him show that he met the definition of insanity at the time – the history of psychosis, delusions, paranoid ideation, specifically toward his father.

Thomas Gilbert Jr.
Thomas Gilbert Jr. Mugshot

“The reduction in allowance has nothing to do with it. The father’s cash flow itself was bad, he was having financial problems at the time. That was his motivation for cutting the allowance. There was evidence [Gilbert Sr.] asked [Gilbert Jr.’s} permission.

“Tommy stopped calling his mother and asking for money.”

Following Gilbert Jr.’s sentencing, district attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr., said he hoped it would help the family cope with their loss.

He said: “Thomas Gilbert, Sr. was a beloved member of his family and business community when his own son murdered him in a cold-blooded killing.

“But now, thanks to my office’s prosecutors, the defendant has finally been held accountable and he will serve a life sentence for this unconscionable crime.

“While nothing can undo the tragedy of Mr. Gilbert’s death, I hope that the resolution of this case helps his loved ones as they continue to heal from this devastating loss.”


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