Someone Dug Up Parents’ Bones To Swap Them For A Motorbike

First off, what kind of motorbike does a load of human bones buy you? Why on earth would someone want a load of bones in the first place?


Yep, there’s a decent amount to process there.

While we can’t promise that those questions will be fully answered, we can tell you what is known so far.

In short, the man, from the northern province of Nampula, has been arrested and kept in by the coppers after he admitted that he’d dug up three bodies in order to sell them to fund a motorbike.

He believed that he would be paid $300 (about £234) in cash as well.

That’s a pretty small price to pay for exhuming the corpses of your own relatives.

In fact, any price would seem like an unreasonable one when you’re being asked to desecrate the graves of your mam and dad, you’d have to imagine.

The suspect claims that he was enticed into this crime by a businessman who has interests in the extraction of mineral resources in the town of Lalaua, within the Nampula province.

“I went to a family cemetery, dug up the bones from my father’s, my mother’s and my uncle’s graves. I left for Lalaua. But I failed to meet the boss.”

However, the actual reason could be a bit darker than that. Some reports suggest that the bones, which need to be from the corpses of someone who died when they weren’t sick, are then used in witchcraft.

The police reported that the man confessed to having exhumed the three corpses in the space of one evening.

He was eventually arrested between in Ntocol village, between the districts of Lalaua and Mecuburi.

The man told BBC News: “The boss told me to look for bones from people who died without getting sick. In exchange, you will get a motorbike.

Seriously weird, right?

Whilst the investigation is ongoing, the suspect is being held at the Nampula Provincial Police Command.

Zacarias Nacute, a spokesperson for the Provincial Police Command, said that this isn’t an isolated incident. In fact, he told BBC News that five such cases have been discovered in the province this year.

In many of these cases, they are linked to witchcraft.


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