Listen To Lukas Graham’s New Single “Scars”

Lukas Graham is back with some musical medicine!


“As a lot of you, I’m at home with my family right now. For the past week I’ve had time to reflect on my past and in particular the present. Don’t forget that we’re in this together and our actions right now affect our neighbors,” Lukas said in a statement. “‘Scars‘ is written about the hardest moments in life that we all go through as humans. The physical and emotional challenges that make us who we are. Again, don’t forget that we’re all in this together ❤️ I hope some of the music being released during this time of crisis can help at least a few people feel a little less alone ❤️ Love you guys. Stay safe.”

You can also stream Lukas Graham‘s new single “Scars” on Spotify and download it on iTunes now!


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