Kim Kardashian Rented Her Childhood Home For Kris Jenner’s Birthday

Kim Kardashian sure knows how to give a gift, especially when it's for her mom.


Her mom’s nearest and dearest had lunch at the old house, where Kim said all of their memories live — especially of their dad and Kris’s ex-husband, Robert Kardashian Sr. Kim tapped into her mom’s nostalgia and even had their place settings made out of the same fabric and print as the house’s old wallpaper. How sweet! The tears flowed while they sat together and reminisced, although Kim “kept it together” until the end when she “cried so hard” in her old bathroom.

In addition to the lunch at home, Kim also rented every car her parents owned for everyone to drive back in. She even went as far as remaking her mom’s custom “2 DIE 4” license plate. That’s just so Kris Jenner, don’t you think? Ahead, watch Kris’s reaction and see the story of how everything went down from Kim’s perspective. 


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