Kavanaugh Called For Impeachment After New Sex Accusation

The presidential contender and some former U.S. attorneys also called for an examination of investigation failures from Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings.


Democratic presidential contender Julián Castro and some former U.S. attorneys called for a new investigation into Brett Kavanaugh and the past FBI probe into his behavior as another accusation of sexual misconduct against the Supreme Court associate justice surfaced.

Classmate Max Stier said that he saw Kavanaugh with his pants down at a drunken Yale University party where friends pushed Kavanaugh’s penis into the hands of a female student. Stier informed senators and the FBI of the incident during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, but it was never investigated, according to the Times.

At the time, Christine Blasey Ford publicly accused Kavanaugh of pinning her to a bed and trying to take off her clothes at a high school party, and she testified before senators at the hearings.

Following the story, Castro called for Kavanaugh’s impeachment, tweeting: “It’s more clear than ever that Brett Kavanaugh lied under oath.” He called Kavanaugh’s ascendence a “shame to the Supreme Court.”

Rep. Sean Casten (D-Ill.) echoed Castro’s accusation that Kavanaugh lied under oath to the United States Senate, adding that the majority of senators “didn’t care.”

Former U.S. attorney Joyce Vance called for a “full congressional investigation” into Kavanaugh’s behavior and a probe into his past to “determine whether someone, and if so who, gave orders that kept the FBI from investigating credible allegations.”

Another former U.S. attorney, Harry Litman, called the FBI investigation into Kavanaugh a “total con job.”


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