Two K-pop Stars To Prison After Gang Rape

Jung and Choi both wept as the sentences were announced and claimed they had engaged in consensual sex with sober women.


The scandal has shocked the K-Pop industry.

Jung was also charged with filming the assault and distributing the footage in a chatroom through KakaoTalk, a messaging app.

K-pop megastar Seungri, a former member of Big Bang whose real name is Lee Seung-hyun, was also charged as well.

Judge Kang Sung Soo indicated they will be required to undergo 80 hours of sexual violence rehabilitation.

K pop stars to prison after gang rape
Singer-songwriter Jung rose to fame through a reality TV show, while Choi is a former member of boy band FT Island.

“We can’t imagine the pain the victims might have felt who found out later,” Kang said. “did not feel remorse after mass-raping drunken victims.”

Yong Jun-hyung, another K-pop star, left his band in March and acknowledged watching the videos. He then said on Instagram: “I received a video from Jung and did have inappropriate conversations.”

K Pop stars to prison after gang rape
The court, cited incriminating testimony and other evidence, and said both stars joked about drugging and raping women in the chatroom.

Korea keeps dealing with spycam crimes, known as “molka”, where people secretly film women in schools, toilets against their own will.

This comes just days after the death of Goo Hara, a former member of girl group Kara, in an apparent suicide after she was blackmailed for “revenge porn.”


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