John Cho Stood Next To Parasite Crew, Got Congratulated

That wasn’t the only record broken by the South Korean film, which took home a more-than-impressive four Oscars at last night’s ceremony; matching Walt Disney’s record set in 1953.


Taking to the stage at the 92nd Academy Awards after each historic win, the team behind Parasite – including director Bong Joon Ho, executive producer Miky Lee, and members of the cast – celebrated their achievements along with the audience. But it turns out they weren’t the only ones being celebrated…

Bong Joon-ho with his Oscars for Best Director and Best Picture for Parasite in the press room at the 92nd Academy Awards held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA.

Nope. Apparently John Cho – a Korean American actor who is not, I repeat not in the movie – was also congratulated for his part in Parasite.

To confirm, Cho – who is perhaps best known for playing Harold in the Harold and Kumar film series, but who is also a part of the Star Trek franchise and starred in 2018 thriller Searching – was not involved in Parasite in any way.

But that didn’t stop people from mistaking Cho for a member of the cast or crew on numerous occasions, something the 47-year-old actor pointed out on social media after the award ceremony, writing: ‘Standing with Parasite crew, I got congratulated A LOT. Lol.’

Fans of the actor soon began expressing their disbelief that such a mistake could be made, with one person pointing out the ‘sad commentary’ on our society that those who congratulated him ‘probably saw someone who “looked” Korean and figured [he was] part of Parasite‘s large cast’.

Another person wrote: ‘I’m Asian and I expect coworkers congratulate me tomorrow,’ while one person simply wrote: ‘disappointed but not surprised.’

When someone else attempted to excuse the incident, writing ‘its [sic] ok to mistake someone as a crew member,’ they got shut down quickly, with another exclaiming: ‘Dude, it’s JOHN CHO. He’s a household name. You’re really going to tell me you wouldn’t recognize the guy who played Sulu and Harold if you saw him?’

Touché. You wouldn’t congratulate Brad Pitt for his part in Joker if he was standing with the crew just because he’s white and American, so then why are people confusing Cho with the Parasite cast and crew just because he was born in South Korea?

Although extremely disappointing, the mishap ultimately didn’t take away from Parasite‘s record-breaking night, with the film scooping up the awards for Best Picture and Best Foreign Language Film, and Bong Joon Ho winning Best Director and Best Screenplay.

Congrats, guys!


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