Jimmy Kimmel’s Kids And Their Hilarious “Quarantine Minilogue”

Jimmy Kimmel had some adorable guests make a special appearance during his "Quarantine Minilogue" Friday night.


Like other late-night shows, “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” has gotten creative by filming a modified version of the show at the host’s home. In Kimmel’s case, he’s been doing short-monologues or “miniologues” at home and video chatting with guests while self-isolating at home amid the growing coronavirus pandemic.

And on the latest episode, Kimmel’s young kids — Jane, 4, and Billy, 2, — and his wife, Molly McNearney, joined in on the fun by dressing up for “Formal Friday.”

“Hey, it’s Jimmy. We made it through another one,” Kimmel began via a webcam in his home. “Merry Christmas. I think I don’t know I lost track of time. I do know it’s Friday and not only is it Friday, my wife has declared this as ‘Formal Friday.’ The idea is to get dressed up as if you are going somewhere even though you’re going nowhere.”

“It’s the kind of thing they do in prison to keep inmates from stabbing the guards,” he added.

The late-night host encouraged others to join in on “Formal Friday” and told them to share photos and videos if they decide to participate.

After chatting about President Donald Trump’s “testy” behavior on Friday’s White House coronavirus press briefing and sharing a surprise virtual performance from “The Killers,” Kimmel introduced some surprise guests who joined him on the screen: his wife and kids, all in their “Formal Friday” best.

While Kimmel and his wife wore spiffy attire, Jane and Billy dressed up in adorable costumes. Jane wore an Anna from “Frozen” costume and Billy was dressed as Spider-Man.

“This is Formal Friday in our house,” Kimmel said.

After the kids showed off their formal fits and Kimmel offered his final thoughts, Kimmel’s wife presented him with a corsage she made out of toilet paper.

“Isn’t that nice?” he said, joking, “And I’m still going to use it.”

Check out Jane and Billy’s costumes, in the full “minilogue,” above.


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