Jason Momoa’s Elvis Halloween Costume

Jason Momoa knows how to make an entrance.


After revealing his costume to the audience, Jason proceeded to swing his hips and dance between the aisles, passing out a lei along the way to one lucky audience member.

“I am obsessed with Elvis slightly,” Jason told Ellen. “I just love him. My mama raised me on him. So obsessed I bought a bike like him and I got an old ’55 pink Cadillac.” This also wasn’t Jason’s first time honoring the music legend: “Actually I did it on Halloween when I was 19, and that was my first time in Los Angeles. I was working on a little show called Baywatch.” The party Jason attended in his Elvis costume took place at the Playboy Mansion, and does a more Hollywood story exist?

“Halloween’s good to me,” he added. After seeing his costume, it’s become apparent that Halloween has been good to us too this year.


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