ISIS Responsible For London Bridge Attack

The first victim of the terror attack has been named by his father.

ISIS claims responsibility for London Bridge Attack
It has been speculated that the group was behind the incident, but according to a tweet from a New York Times journalist, who specialises in ISIS & al-Qaeda, it may be as revenge for the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the London Bridge terror attack, which yesterday killed two members of the public and injured three.

“The person who carried out the London attack… was a fighter from the Islamic State, and did so in response to calls to target citizens of coalition countries.”

ISIS’ statement released by their press agency

The group has often urged its followers to commit lone attacks, using any means possible.

The murderer was inspired by ISIS and its ideology, as opposed to having been actually dispatched by the group directly.

The victim: Jack Merritt.

His father David wrote on Twitter: ” R.I.P. Jack: you were a beautiful spirit who always took the side of the underdog.”

Mr Merritt was a course coordinator for the prisoner rehabilitation programme that the terrorist attended, along with other convicts.

ISIS claims responsibility on London Bridge attack
Two members of the public were killed in the attack, with the other victim, a woman, not yet named after the Metropolitan Police were called to reports of a stabbing on Friday afternoon.

At Learning Together, he helped to run a programme that brought together those in higher education and the criminal justice system.

As part of his work, he helped students based at the University of Cambridge and those based in prison to study together on university courses, with the aim of making society more inclusive and to reduce re-offending.

They confirmed that the suspect was shot dead at the scene and that several people were also injured, as well as the two fatalities. They are now searching properties in Staffordshire, where the terrorist was said to be living.


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