Iranian Missile Shot Down Ukraine International Airlines Plane In Iran: Justin Trudeau

President Trump said Thursday he found the crash suspicious and that "somebody could have made a mistake on the other side."


Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 crashed hours after Iran launched a ballistic missile attack on Iraqi bases housing U.S. soldiers.

Trudeau, at his news conference, prefaced his disclosure of a missile as the likely cause by saying it “undoubtedly come as a further shock” to his country, already reeling from the huge loss of life. He said the reports came from multiple sources, including allies. 

Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau

Canada is working with Ukrainian crash investigators, Trudeau said. Iran is insisting the plane’s cockpit and flight data recorders — the “black boxes” — be kept in its country, Trudeau said. But, he said, Iran has told Ukraine it will have access to the data.

In Ukraine, Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, said that investigators were looking into claims that parts of a Russian-made, surface-to-air missile stocked by Iran had been found near the crash site.

No help requested

The head of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization, Ali Abedzadeh, quickly moved to dispute any suggestion that it shot down Ukraine’s commercial airliner, according to Iran state media. The Fars News Agency, citing Abedzadeh, said its missiles were not capable of reaching that altitude. Abedzadeh characterized the suggestion as “scientifically impossible.”

In a preliminary crash report issued Thursday, Iran’s civil aviation authority said the plane’s crew never made a radio call for help and was trying to turn back to the airport when the plane went down. The plane apparently suffered engine failure, Iranian officials said.

Justin Trudeau
Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau

IHS Markit says publicly available air traffic data is “not consistent” with Iran’s claim. The firm says flight data shows a normal ascent until the plane disappears at 8,000 feet.

“This is consistent with a catastrophic incident onboard the aircraft,” the report said.

“A pilot of an airliner that took off from Tehran airport shortly after UIA Flight 752 told an IHS Markit source that he watched the aircraft take off and then explode in midair,” the report added.

Iran authorities say they have recovered the audio and data recorders from the flight, but say they won’t allow Boeing or U.S. aviation officials access to the black boxes.


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