India: Four Men Gang Raped A Woman, Then Burned Her Alive

"Four people have been arrested and they have confessed to sexual assault with the victim. Due to the sexual assault and the force, she became semi-conscious," he said.


The woman was a veterinarian and the incident took place on November 27, R. Venkatesh, Police Inspector from Shamshabad Police Station in Hyderabad said.

A medical examination could not conclude that the woman had been raped due to the extensive burns to the remains.

India police found the body of a woman burned alive, that was gang raped
“They put her body in a lorry and took her to a different location where they put her body under the bridge and poured diesel fuel and petrol (gasoline) on her body and burnt her,” Venkatesh added.

The four men are due to appear in a local district court to be charged before a magistrate on Saturday.

The Indian legal system could allow for the four men to request a trial or just be sentenced for the crime at a later date.


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