If You See This Fish, Do Not Think About It And Killed It

The northern snakehead is a long, thin fish with a dorsal fin that runs the length of its back, brown blotchy skin and large canine teeth.


People in the US are being urged to kill and freeze an invasive Chinese northern snakehead fish after some were found in a pond in Gwinnett County, Georgia, earlier this month.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resource Division (WRD) said this was the first time the fish – which can survive for several days on land – had been found in Georgian waters.

Matt Thomas, chief of fisheries for the WRD, appealed to anglers to help in the fight against the fish.

Speaking to CBS 46, he said: “Our first line of defence in the fight against aquatic invasive species, such as the northern snakehead, are our anglers.

Snakehead Fish
Snakehead Fish

“Thanks to the quick report by an angler, our staff was able to investigate and confirm the presence of this species in this water body. We are now taking steps to determine if they have spread from this water body and, hopefully, keep it from spreading to other Georgia waters.”

The WRD also shared a list of instructions for people to follow if they come across one of the invasive fish.

The Facebook post read: “Northern snakeheads are bad news. And for the first time, the invasive fish has been confirmed in Georgia waters.

“If you believe you have caught a northern snakehead:

– Kill it immediately and freeze it.
– If possible, take pictures of the fish.
– Note where it was caught (waterbody, landmarks or GPS coordinates).
– Immediately report it to your regional Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division Fisheries Office.”

Snakehead Fish
Snakehead Fish

Their unusual ability to breathe air means they can survive on land for several days, enabling them to move between different bodies of water.

However, don’t go overestimating this air-breathing capability – the northern snakehead didn’t crawl all the way from the Yangtze River basin to a pond in Georgia. The likelihood is that they were introduced via some sort of unauthorised release, although what motive somebody would have for doing this is less clear.


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