HOT: WATCH “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie” First Trailer

It's here, folks: the first, full-length trailer for new Netfix Breaking Bad movie El Camino:

Aaron Paul
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie will be released on Netflix on 11 October.

Last time we saw Jesse (Aaron Paul) in the finale of Breaking Bad, he was screeching away in Jack’s car, an El Camino.

As the trailer shows, for the film sequel we’ll be picking things up in the moments immediately after, opening with the sirens of police cars – presumably chasing after our protagonist.

At one point, we see Jesse drive out to what appears to be the Tohajiilee Navajo reservation, which you’ll know as the iconic spot that he and Walter first started up shop and cooked together. He’s busy digging – could it be the graves for Hank and Gomez?

After watching the trailer, fans are even more excited than they were before for the film’s release, which has been a LONG time coming.

One person tweeted: “This will be the biggest thing Netflix has ever done.”

Someone else said: “Gah the anticipation, I cannot wait for this movie.”

A third added: “I don’t want to overstate this, but that was the best trailer I’ve ever seen.”

We also now know we’ll see the return of Badger, aka Brandon Mayhew, who is one of Jesse’s old pals.

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman
In that teaser, Jesse Pinkman can be seen sitting in his car listening to a radio broadcast of police investigating multiple people dead after a huge shootout.

However, there’s still no sign of Walter White – who fans have already begun to believe is dead, based on a subtle hint in the teaser trailer that dropped recently.

The broadcast states that nine bodies have been located, but as we know there were eight gang members in Breaking Bad‘s final shootout and many people believe Walter could be the one making up the numbers – meaning this could be the confirmation that Bryan Cranston’s character is finally done.


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