Hind Won’t Release Her Album, But Her R&B EP Is So Ready

Hind, who now goes by the name of Laroussi, tell us a bit of her latest creations.


She used to go by the name of Hind, but now she’s releasing all of her music as Laroussi.

The singer, who lives in Los Angeles, tells NU.nl that she had finished a full album earlier, that will not be released anyway. Instead, she continued to work on new songs to develop her sound.

Laroussi was told she could do even better music than the album that was already finished.

She said:

“That was a tough decision and at first felt like a loss, but strangely enough I realized within a month that it could indeed be better.”

Hindi Laroussi

So, she is aiming towards next year to release this brand new material.

“We are now in the process of producing. I do not yet dare to say in which month the EP will appear, but we are in a final phase. I am very proud of the songs and I really can’t wait to finally share them, especially with the people who follow me in the Netherlands.”

Hind moved to California about three years ago. She says it was not an easy task because “everyone here wants to make it in the entertainment industry.”

She added:

“The first three years were very emotional and I had to get used to the people here and how the industry works. Fortunately I have now found nice people to work with. I finally have the feeling that I am in the right place and everything is right. ”

Hindi Laroussi

“I lost faith in people in Los Angeles”

Gathering the right people around her proved to be essential for the Gouda singer. At times, she felt like quitting. “I lost my faith in people and became very insecure. I had to learn to be close to myself to remain and to filter everything else. I now trust my own intuition and things will come to me. “

Since then, the singer says she has been in a flow and is raising the bar for herself. “Writing and singing became smoother. I was able to develop myself as a songwriter and now I found my sound with producer KP. It is R&B and pop, but of course the Arabic influences also come back.”

As Laroussi, Hind released the single Lost at the end of last year . A remix of the song reached the top ten of the American Billboard Dance Charts.


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