Guy Confuses Woman’s Handbag With A Baby Scan

In fact, it didn’t take anything to convince Twitter user Jacob and a number of other confused viewers.

Girl that took photo of her handbag that depicts a baby scan
The young woman recently shared two selfies taken before she went out drinking, in which she was wearing a multicoloured jumpsuit and holding a black PVC clutch bag.

Is it a bird or a rabbit? Is the dress black and blue or white and gold? Is it a bag or a baby scan photo? Sometimes our eyes can play tricks on us, and once you’ve got it into your head that you’re looking at one thing, it can be hard to convince yourself otherwise.

That seems to be what happened with a number of Twitter users looking at a photo of Siobhan, from Manchester, online.

In the first photo, Siobhan was holding the bag down in front of her, making clear it was part of her outfit. In the second image, however, the Twitter user held the bag up above her head, causing light to reflect off the shiny material.

Without context, and if you hadn’t looked closely at the first picture, it would be easy to mistake the bag for something else. Namely, a baby scan photo.

You know the sort – a black and white, fuzzy image that depicts a little bundle of joy growing inside a uterus. The baby itself can often be difficult to make out, so it wouldn’t take a lot to convince people the light on the PVC bag was actually a tiny human, especially since she’s waving it above her head in a celebratory fashion.

Responding to Siobhan’s photo, Jacob wrote:

Thought that purse was a baby scan Hahahaha

Another commented:

That that was a f*cking ultrasound mate ngl

The fact people thought the bag was a baby scan is even more concerning when you take into account Siobhan’s caption on the photo, which read ‘let’s get drunk’.

I mean, each to their own but I just don’t think getting drunk after showing off your baby scan is a responsible way to celebrate.

A baby scan
Waving an ultrasound scan above your head in a Twitter selfie would certainly be an interesting way to announce a pregnancy, but I can confirm that in Siobhan’s situation it’s just a bag.

Thankfully that wasn’t what the young woman was doing, though she admitted on Twitter ‘everyone’s thought’ she was holding a baby scan.

Case closed.


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