Google Your Favourite FRIENDS Character And See

It’s been 25 years since Friends ended. Although, you’d think it was still going, what with its perennial broadcasting on Comedy Central and clockwork streaming on Netflix.


Love it or hate it, the US sitcom is a legendary stamp in universal small-screen entertainment, capturing the hearts of millions across the world, irregardless of age or nationality.

Similarly to their Avengers: Infinity War Easter egg, where you could wipe out the entirety of a page with Thanos’ gauntlet, Google has put together a little tribute to each of Friends’ six main characters – all you need to do is type their name.

So let’s start with Monica Geller. If you type in her name, you’ll be shown a character profile, and there will be a small, cartoonish bucket of soapy water. Click it, and it’ll jump into action to make your screen squeaky clean.

Monica Geller's search in Google
Monica Geller’s search in Google

Up next – Rachel Green. You’ll be greeted with a selection of images of ‘The Rachel’ haircut, the hairstyle Jennifer Aniston popularised in the early seasons of the show – she was basically an influencer before the times of Instagram (just nowhere near as obnoxious).

Rachel Green's Search in Google
Rachel Green’s Search in Google

Then there’s Phoebe Buffay, the wonderfully strange musician of Central Perk. There was only one great Easter egg for her character, really – if you click the small feline, you’ll hear Phoebe singing her timeless ballad Smelly Cat.

Phoebe Buffay's Search in Google
Phoebe Buffay’s Search in Google

Onto the gents: if you type Joey Tribbiani, you can probably imagine what you’ll find. That’s right, it’s pizza. Give it a click, and a selection of tasty treats will appear on your screen. Don’t get too excited, because remember: ‘Joey doesn’t share food!’

Joey Tribbiani's Search in Google
Joey Tribbiani’s Search in Google

Now for the best Friends character: Chandler (you can disagree with me if you want, it’s okay to be wrong). If there’s one piece of furniture synonymous with the group’s most sarcastic member, it’s the barcalounger. Click the cartoon seat, and a couple of familiar pals with appear along the screen.

Chandler Bing's Search in Google
Chandler Bing’s Search in Google

Finally, we have Ross Geller (not Rossel, or Rosstepher – just Ross). What’s the first word that comes to your head when you hear his name? PIVOT! A small sofa will appear when you search for him – press it and your screen will tilt to the sound of his piercing command.

Ross Geller's Search in Google
Ross Geller’s Search in Google

If these little tricks aren’t enough for you, Lego recently announced a Friends-inspired set.

Marking the show’s anniversary, the 1,070-piece bundle recreates the show’s iconic Central Perk coffee shop. Ross, Chandler, Joey, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe and even Gunther are included – it costs $60 (but somehow £65).

Great, I’m going to have to watch Friends from start-to-finish again.


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