Stripper Falls From Two-Storey Pole, Breaks Jaw, Continues Twerking

A pole dancer who fell 15 feet to the floor made an incredible recovery by swiftly breaking out into a twerk.


Genea Sky was performing at the adult entertainment club XTC Cabaret in Texas this weekend, February 8, where she showed off her incredible strength by climbing the pole and displaying a range of positions.

In a video shared on Instagram, members of the crowd could be heard exclaiming in shock as Genea fell, but incredibly the dancer remained professional and made sure the show went on.

After landing on the floor, Genea continued her performance by breaking out into a twerk.

The resilient woman spoke out about the incident on Twitter, where she revealed she’d suffered multiple injuries in the fall.

She wrote:

Yes, I fell off the pole.
Yes, I fractured my jaw.
NO, I’m not f*cking okay.
And there’s absolutely NOTHING funny about this situation. This is the worst pain I’ve ever felt and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.

In a video later posted to her social media accounts, Genea thanked her followers for their kind words and support following the incident.

She explained she ‘pretty much broke [her] jaw’ in the fall, as well as suffering a sprained ankle. She also broke some teeth, received some stitches under her chin and is set to have surgery on her jaw.

Genea continued:

I’m just really overwhelmed by all the messages… I’m so thankful for all the positive messages I’ve been getting and all the love.

It really means a lot so that’s why I decided to post this video, just to say thank you and to let you guys know that I am having a hard time but I am okay and I’m gonna be okay.

It’s a really humbling experience to just be alive… that’s just what’s most important to me at this very moment… Even with my injury to my face it still could have been a lot worse.


GoFundMe page has been set up to help pay for the dancer’s medical bills, with the site explaining she will be ‘out of work for an extended period of time’ as a result of her injuries.

Genea assured her followers she is ‘not asking for money’ but she is grateful to everyone who has been kind enough to donate.

The dancer promises to keep her followers updated on her situation, and said as soon as she’s ‘healed and cleared to work’ she will be back performing at XTC Cabaret.


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