Facebook Messenger’s Latest: Star Wars Theme + AR Effects

In Facebook Messenger, we are.

Facebook Messenger's Star Wars Theme
Facebook Messenger's Star Wars Theme

Need a little more Star Wars in your life? Facebook‘s got you — well, some of you — covered. 

The company has launched a new Star Wars theme for its Messenger app, which gives it a starry background, a new set of SW-related stickers and special effects that will let you jump into hyperspace or turn you into a rebel fighter, among others. 

Facebook Messenger's Star Wars Theme
Facebook Messenger’s Star Wars Theme

The new feature was designed in partnership with Disney and is meant to celebrate the forthcoming release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, set to hit cinemas Dec. 19 and 20.

Now, it’s quite possible that you didn’t know Messenger can be themed at all, so here’s how to enable this. Open a chat with someone in Messenger on your phone and tap the recipient’s name on the top. Then tap on the “theme” option which will let you customize your chat, and choose the circle which says “Star Wars.”


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