Domino’s Australia hires garlic bread taste-tester

There’s nothing cheesy about this real-life dream job.

Domino's Pizza Garlic Bread Taste Tester
Domino's Pizza Garlic Bread Taste Tester

In major news for carb-lovers everywhere, Domino’s Pizza is hiring a taste-tester to sample their “world-famous garlic breads.” The only catch? You might have to travel halfway around the world for the gig – the opening is located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

“We’re looking for someone a little bit crunchy, but mostly warm and soft on the inside,” company officials said of their ideal candidate for the “Chief Garlic Bread Taste Tester” position, in a posting shared to LinkedIn on Monday.

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According to the listing, Domino’s hopes to hire someone who “never met a carb they didn’t like,” “does not identify as a vampire,” “understands the perfect ‘crunch to softness’ ratio,” and, of course, is passionate about food, innovation and having a good time.

The international pizza chain continues to describe their dream hire as someone with a minimum of five years of experience “in garlic bread consumption,” joking that the right candidates have likely “burned their fingers at least once not being able to wait for the garlic bread to cool down.”

More seriously, the right recruits will likely have a “history of reviewing other people’s food choices” – whether their advice was solicited or not.

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To those whose mouths are already watering at the thought of getting paid to snack on garlicky, cheesy bread all day long, take heed – the dream job unfortunately lasts for one day only.

There’s a silver lining, though, as the ultimate, lucky candidate will be paid $30 an hour for the 7.5 hour shift, and also be compensated for their return domestic flights if they don’t live within driving distance of Brisbane, receiving one night’s accommodation if they can’t fly home the same day.


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