Dog’s Chucky Halloween costume goes viral: “So Pure”

Charming the internet was child’s play for this pup.

French Bulldog
French Bulldog

The costume has the doll’s iconic red hair, striped shirt and overalls – though the shirt is red-and-white striped instead of rainbow, and the overalls have “good dogs” rather than “good guys” printed on the front. It also comes complete with stuffed arms and the serial killing toy’s signature bloody knife.

While in the costume, the 11-month-old pooch starts galloping toward his owner, causing the knife to turn down in a menacing pose in a hilarious video that has been shared on Twitter, where it has amassed nearly 5 million views as of Friday morning, and almost 200K likes.

Though the killer costume was not chosen for its connection to the reboot of the Chucky films, or a particular interest in horror at all. According to Vanessa Cheng of Hong Kong, Romeo’s owner, she chose the outfit because she thought her dog would look good in it.

“I’m not a huge horror movie fan — but I just thought Romeo’s eyes matched the outfit,” Cheng said.

Some even got in on the fun by sharing their own dog’s horror-themed outfits – Like Pennywise from “It,” and most “Child’s Play” costumes.

Luckily this video version of Chucky seems to have a happier ending than its predecessors.


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