Disney employee nearly blown away by strong wind

Seems like a bad day to be carrying balloons.

Walt Disney World employee almost got blown by strong winds
The southern state was hit with strong winds due to Hurricane Humberto, which has been strengthening off the coast.

In the footage, the employee, identified as Brandon Myers, is seen wrestling with dozens of balloons, designed like Jack Skellington and an orange Mickey Mouse head with bats printed on the front, among other designs, for the Halloween celebration. Suddenly, a massive burst of wind threatens to knock him back.

When the parkgoer began filming, the man is balancing on his feet and hand, trying to wrangle the flock of balloons. Eventually, he stands up and is seen struggling to pull the balloon bouquet along with him as he walks toward the Magic Kingdom.

“They said Mickey’s not so Scary party… but they didn’t say not so Windy!” Erick Comellas, who took the video, wrote on Facebook.


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