Coronavirus Outbreak: Confirmed Death Of US Citizen In Wuhan

2019 nCoV doesn't seem to stop any time soon


A 60-year-old US national died in Wuhan Thursday, the US Embassy in Beijing said Saturday, marking the first confirmed death of a foreigner. Japan also reported its first death of suspected coronavirus in Wuhan on Saturday.

86 people died in a single day in China on Friday. The coronavirus death toll now stands at 724, and all but two of those died in mainland China. Globally, the virus has infected more 34,400 people across 27 countries and territories.

The death of a doctor widely regarded as a hero in China for blowing the whistle on the virus has led to a massive outpouring of grief and anger.

Princess Dream Captain says medicine, better internet and support hotline ready for passengers stuck on ship

A CNN reporter in Yokohama near the Diamond Princess overheard the captain announcing a plan to improve conditions aboard the ship, including medical supplies, better internet signal and a hotline for people to call for emotional support.

The Japanese military would carry out a transfer of test results and medicine into the cruise ship to top up people’s prescriptions, he said.

He also said he appreciated letters of support from people on board, and read out the phone number for the emotional support hotline.


He said the cruise ship was due to arrive in Yokohama Port at 9 a.m. on Sunday and that extra medical staff would come on board to help with prescriptions and tests. He said he would allow guests to get out onto the deck again on Sunday.

Passengers had told CNN earlier that they were being confined to their cabins, except for around one hour a day where they could leave their rooms under supervision.

14-day quarantine in Hong Kong kicks in for travelers from mainland China

At midnight Saturday, authorities in Hong Kong began imposing 14 days’ quarantine for all travelers arriving from mainland China.

Coronavirus outbreak
Coronavirus outbreak

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam told reporters that 161 people had been placed under quarantine Saturday, 148 of whom are isolated at home. Eleven others are in hotels or two other facilities.

“We will call them [those quarantined at home] to ensure they are home and remind them not to leave, otherwise it’s illegal and they will be subject to a six-month imprisonment. We also do random check-ups — in fact, police have already done 10 and everyone has been at home,” she said.

She said authorities considered the travelers a low risk, but explained they would be required to check in with the government to confirm their live locations via WhatsApp or WeChat.

As of 4 p.m. Saturday, a total of 8,953 people came to Hong Kong, the vast majority through the airport.

Lam announced the new measure to quarantine travelers from the mainland on Wednesday, saying it was only the second time the measure had been enacted. She said she hoped the quarantine would act as a deterrent for people crossing the border.


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