Coronavirus: UN World Food Programme Chief Tests Positive, Northern Italy Spreads Covid-19 Patients Across The Country, Not Enough ICUs

The California governor put the entire state on lockdown. New York City is expected to run out of medical supplies in 2 to 3 weeks.


David Beasley, head of the United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP), has Covid-19, according to a statement released on Thursday.

Beasley said in a written statement that he is now working with his WFP team to trace back anyone he may have been in close contact with during the time he was unaware of the infection. 

“We have already started the process of reaching out to alert each and every one of them so that they are made aware that there is a risk that they too may be infected with the virus,” Beasley, a former governor of South Carolina, said in the statement. 

Beasley aded: “I began feeling unwell this past weekend after returning to my home in the United States from an official visit to Canada and I took an early decision to go into self-quarantine, five days ago. So far, my symptoms have been relatively light, and I am in good spirits. I am lucky to be close to my family and I have access to excellent medical support.”

Northern Italy sends patients to other regions of the country as hospital ICUs reach capacity

A northern Italian city has been hit so hard by coronavirus that it is now sending patients who need intensive care to other parts of the country, a doctor in the city of Bergamo told CNN Friday.

“Bergamo is sending ICU patients to other regions because we ran out (of space),” Dr. Stefano Magnone, a hospital doctor in Bergamo, said. 

Magnone said that also the ICU in the hospitals in the province of Brescia are full.

“Around 50 patients were sent out of Lombardy to other regions, mainly in the south,” Magnone said. 

Brescia is the second worst affected province, according to the Italian Civil Protection Department. 


“We’re waiting for the field hospital” to be built, Magnone said.

Bergamo Mayor Giorgio Gori announced on Thursday evening that a new field hospital will be built inside the fairground and exhibition facility in the city.

“It will be organized by the National Alpini Association but managed by the doctors that are on their way,” the mayor said. 

The new field hospital “will bring relief to our hospitals. It is the first real response received by the national institutions, so let me thank them,” he said.


“The regional affairs minister Francesco Boccia talked about 100 doctors (to be sent) in Lombardy and the Italian Prime Minister talked about sending 300 doctors to the worst affected areas,” Gori said. “Italy has finally noticed the suffering of Bergamo and our province. But we need even more doctors.”

The region especially needs infectious disease experts, respiratory physicians and anesthesiologists, the mayor said. 


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