High-Risk Group British Royal Family To Talk Daily With Doctors Due To Coronavirus Growing Outbreak Fears

British Royal Family have to care real care of each other as they are mostly over 70-years-old


The British royal family “will be talking daily with their medical team” amid the coronavirus outbreaka former royal doctor claimed on Friday.

Dr. Anna Hemming from The Cranley Clinic spent seven years as a resident in-house doctor at Buckingham Palace where she looked after the family. She previously served as a captain in the army medical corps.

“Clearly, members of the royal family are in high-risk groups – not just over 70 but over 90 years old too,” Hemming told Tatler magazine. “I believe the family will be talking daily with their medical team and taking all reasonable precautions, particularly for the Duke of Edinburgh who we are all aware is the most fragile member of the royal family.”

“For the family’s own health, they will be following the recommended guidelines including isolating if they’re feeling unwell with a temperature or cough and if someone in their household is unwell too. The queen always attracts huge crowds when she makes official visits so [she] will need to be mindful that she won’t be creating groups to gather at a time when this is not sensible.”

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth, 93, left Buckingham Palace for Windsor Castle late Thursday morning, People magazine reported. Her husband Prince Philip, 98, was taken by helicopter from the Sandringham estate in Norfolk to the castle. He was previously staying in the estate during the recent months while recovering from surgery in December.

The British royal family will be ‘talking daily with their medical team’ during the coronavirus outbreak, former palace doc claims

Elizabeth went to Windsor a week earlier than anticipated due to concerns caused by the coronavirus. According to the outlet, she was seen leaving with her two dogs.

The outlet also noted that the couple, who have been married for 72 years, have not seen each other since Elizabeth left Sandringham in early February. She was based in London and Windsor Castle on weekends, while Philip was primarily staying at Wood Farm, on the estate in Norfolk.

Prince Philip
Prince Philip

Elizabeth canceled all of her upcoming public events because of the coronavirus spreading across the world and will be based at Windsor for the foreseeable future, shared People magazine.

The palace also announced that the planned state visit by the emperor and empress of Japan will be postponed to another date.

“Buckingham Palace and the queen’s other residences are operated by a team of amazing individuals all of whom live in close proximity,” noted Hemming. “The footmen and housekeepers live within the palaces and will be putting special measures in place to isolate and stop the spread of viral particles should any of them become unwell.”

Hemming also shared that Elizabeth’s grandson Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton will make sure their three children keep busy while indoors.

“The Cambridges have three lovely children who can play amongst themselves,” said Hemming. “I am sure they have lots of activities and projects planned just as our children do, to entertain them should the 16 weeks shutdown occur soon.”

While Hemming believes the royal family will serve as great examples of how to stay safe during the pandemic, she does have one key piece of advice for them.

“I’d advise the royal family to continue to stay hydrated, exercise and eat healthily,” she said. “They should help boost their immune systems with vitamin c and zinc and should clean down the surfaces and try to keep things as tidy as possible. Should anyone in the family become unwell, they should all isolate for 14 days and sleep in separate bedrooms.”

For many people, the new coronavirus has caused only mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. For some others, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it could cause more severe illness, including pneumonia.


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