Chris Burniske: “Bitcoin and Ethereum Are ‘Formidable'”

Holding Bitcoin as a collateral is the next big use case for the top cryptocurrency

One of the main features of Bitcoin is that it’s programmable money, and developers have figured out new ways to build exchanges in ways that do not require users to turn over control of their funds until the exact moment they want to make a trade.

According to cryptocurrency influencer Chris Burniske, both Bitcoin and Ethereum already represent formidable collateral economies.

Moving beyond a medium of exchange

In his earlier tweet, Burniske also predicts that holding Bitcoin as a collateral could eclipse its medium of exchange (MoE) use case.  

He even goes as far as claiming that Bitcoin could morph into an off-chain collateral for the world. 

Burniske states that Ethereum has already created a burgeoning collateral economy around it. Apart from extending its utility beyond a pure MoE, this could also drastically decrease the coin’s volatility because of all DeFi use cases.   

The next big thing in crypto

As reported by U.Today, Genesis Capital, a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group (DCG) that rules the roost in the cryptocurrency lending sector, had a record-breaking third quarter with a whopping $870 mln in new originations. 

In Q3, Bitcoin remained the best collateral for crypto with fiat money and altcoins breathing down its neck. The share of USD loans increased by 25 percent quarter-over-quarter.

However, a group of Wall Street traders made a dire warning about crypto lending, claiming that the breakneck speed of its growth could result in another crypto bubble. Only the most important posts per day. Infographics, analytics, reviews & summaries.


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