Lucky Devil Lounge Presents “Boober Eats”, From Strip Club To Food Delivery Service Due To Coronavirus

No one actually talks of the coronavirus benefits


An innovative group of } has started a food delivery service after their club was forced to close due to coronavirus.

Like other restaurants and bars across the US, the Lucky Devil Lounge in Portland, Oregon, had no choice but to shut its doors in a bid to help stop the ongoing spread of COVID-19.

However, under the mandate enforced by Oregon Governor Kate Brown, dining establishments may still offer take-out orders or delivery. So it was that Boober Eats PDX was born, a home delivery service unlike any other you’ve tried before.

From 7pm to 1am, customers can order anything they like from the Lucky Devil Lounge, with favourite dishes including steak bites, chicken fingers and mini corndogs. Delivery rates will generally be $30, but this will vary depending on how far away a person lives from the Lucky Devil Lounge.

The food looks exactly the kind of filling, tummy-warming stuff we all need right now, and you can even order a few beers from the menu to wash it down with.

Boober Eats
Boober Eats

However, unlike any other takeaway you’re frequenting right now, meals are hand delivered by a pair of strippers; both wearing the sort of uniforms that definitely wouldn’t go down well at Pizza Hut.

Offering ‘food with a side of boobs’, Boober Eats began as a Facebook joke made by club owner Shon Boulden. However, after people started earnestly asking how they could order, Boulden realised he had actually come up with a good business idea.

Speaking with Oregon Live, Boulden said:

All the calls, people are just giddy and fun. Sometimes it’s a surprise for someone, sometimes it’s a birthday, sometimes it’s people that are really stoned.

[…] It’s crazy. We mutated our one business into a totally different style of business.

Boulden is reportedly trying to keep as many workers employed as possible during the shut down. Kitchen staff have been cooking delivery orders, while bartenders work the phones and keep social media pages up to date.

Security Guard

Approximately 25 dancers have been working on this new service, and are escorted to delivery spots by a security guard. Customers are, of course, not allowed to touch the dancers.

As with many lines of work, the coronavirus pandemic has had a dismaying effect for the dancers of the Lucky Devil Lounge. Previously, they may have made up to several hundred dollars in just one evening, but are now pulling in earnings close to minimum wage.

Kiki, who has just begun her work with Boober Eats, told Oregon Live:

Losing this job is devastating. For the majority of us, it’s been an almost complete loss of income. I’m here supporting my community and trying to keep maintaining an income flow as best as we can.

Strip club dancers in the US are considered independent contractors as opposed to employees, meaning they usually won’t be considered eligible to receive unemployment benefits.

You can make an order from Boober Eats either online, or by calling 503-206-7350.


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