Bitcoin Price May Surge to $14,000 Before Halving

The crypto baron and former antivirus mogul John McAfee believes that by the end of 2020, BTC will hit nothing less than $1 mln per coin. He even put his manhood at stake.

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin

The next Bitcoin halvening is to take place next year and many are expecting this event to push the Bitcoin price substantially higher than now.

“$13K-14K are on cards”

Now, a crypto trader @open4profit is making a bullish forecast that Bitcoin may surge past $10,000 and hit $14,000 before the halvening occurs in half a year, when Bitcoin becomes scarcer than before.

Crypto traders remain bullish, however…

Other Bitcoin traders are also bullish on the major cryptocurrency, however, a decline is also possible, they say.

The @CryptoMichNL trader from the Netherlands believes that Bitcoin may continue ranging at the present price level. However, it could slide to $8,400.

The @CryptoWelson trader reckons that should Bitcoin close the resistance within a few days, this would be a big bullish signal for the market.

Will the halving drop the BTC price?

Some believe that the approaching Bitcoin halvening event may not be as bullish for the BTC price as it was in 2016, making it skyrocket to around $20,000. Those forecasts say that the decline in the size of the miners’ reward may push retail miners out of the market.

Besides, some are doubtful that the BTC halvening is priced in. Among them is the investor and crypto podcaster Anthony Pompliano.


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